The estate is, in particular, well located since it is at 6.5 km from the village of Sollies Toucas, Toulon is only 1/2h, as well as Hyères from which port one can go to the Island of Porquerolles or Port Cros. St. Tropez is about an hour trip; the beaches are also approximately half an hour in distance; all recreational activities are also possible: tennis, skating rink, golf, horse riding, cinemas, etc.

The Mad de Nuke is the departure point of marvelous trekking activities; one of its limits is a path providing long walks; the markets and promenades are exceptional especially during spring as flowers and perfumes invade the hills. At about an hour walk is a site where one can have an exceptional view of the islands of Hyères, Brégançon, the plains of La Crau and Cuers, the Gapeau Valley, and in winter, the snow-covered Alps. The view is within 250 degrees radius and at an altitude of 500m.

In addition, in the early morning, take breakfast above the clouds which one can observe rise until the view of the Mediterranean appears at site.

It is a rare delight!
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